Veuve Clicquot


Develop the champagne house’s association with London’s top restaurants to encourage listing and also to create new experiences for the consumers, and press, to try the champagne while dining. It is also a branding play.


Created the ‘Champagne Gourmet Odyssey’ that has now become a landmark event. This involves 150 people having lunch, or dinner, across three different restaurants with a course in each and transported, in groups of 50, between the restaurants in branded vintage London routemasters. There is a Champagne reception at the beginning and courses paired with champagne introduced by cellar-master or other representative.

Six are now held annually during the London Restaurant Festival in October and independently across the year.

There is follow-up communication with guests, and participating restaurants to encourage sales.

We manage all ticket sales for the Champagne Gourmet Odyssey and can target key audience groups that the champagne houses which to attract. Alternatively, the event can be taken by a champagne house, for a smaller number of people, and used to host key stakeholders and press.

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